Choose from multiple membership options. If you want to use the spaces around the clock, choose the 24/7 membership.

Single day

Looking for something interesting to do in Klaipėda? Farbrique is more than just climbing. In the open space, you can place yourself comfortably in chill out and co-working places on your own, with family or friends. In separate rooms, you can hold meetings, do yoga or dance, play board games or watch movies with friends.

No reservation required – all you need is:

  • coming at Fabrique opening hours;
  • comfortable clothing.

During the single visit, enjoy:

  • a short intro to climbing;
  • climbing harness for climbing the high wall;
  • free mobility or climbing basics session if you arrive on time.

Single day entrance discounts:

  • when arriving in a group of 3 or more people, the entrance price per person is only €9 (normal price €12);
  • on Fridays, with a student ID, the price of entrance, shoes and 1 drink is only €11.5;
  • during the first visit, you can take advantage of a special offer for a monthly membership.

One time visit is a convenient way to try out and start climbing. It is also your way of getting one more leisure alternative in Klaipeda. You will choose the route of your level and move at your own pace. Our friendly and experienced staff members will be there for help or advice.

24/7 membership

Craving efficiency in both your professional and sports pursuits? Elevate your experience with a Fabrique 24/7 membership, granting you round-the-clock access to our climbing and open coworking spaces. No climbing experience required – all you need is:

  • Ensure you’re 18+ (or secure parental consent if 16+);
  • Complete the form below;
  • Await our confirmation;
  • Choose between an annual membership fee or sign up for an annual direct debit agreement;
  • Pick up your 24/7 access card upon approval.

As a 24/7 member, enjoy:

  • 24/7 access to the climbing and co-working space;
  • Complimentary climbing fitness test and consultation;
  • 3 free mobility sessions per month;
  • 10 annual day visits for family members at no cost;

Exclusive 24/7 discounts:

  • 40% off climbing programs;
  • 20% off coffee and tea;
  • 20% off meeting and movement rooms;
  • 15% off climbing equipment;
  • Bring your family along with a 50% off day pass for them too!

A short-term membership is currently available.

Price list

24/7 membership

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