Reach new heights with your team where everyone can improve physically, mentally and intellectually.


Looking for an exceptional team building event in Klaipėda? This adventure in the heart of the city port is a great way to strengthen teamwork, develop problem-solving skills, and have unforgettable experiences.

What awaits your team?

Orienteering game: 6-8 intriguing tasks in the center of Klaipėda, requiring both mental and physical effort.
Climbing instruction: A professional instructor will introduce you to safety rules and climbing techniques.
Climbing to a high wall: An adrenaline-filled challenge where you can test your courage and trust in your teammates.
Gourmet option: Gourmet wine tasting, allowing you to relax and enjoy the evening atmosphere.

Why choose this event?

Team building: Challenges encourage collaboration, communication, and trust in each other.
Problem solving: Logic tasks and orienteering games develop creative thinking and the ability to find solutions in non-standard situations.
Active leisure: Physical activity during climbing strengthens team spirit and gives energy.
Memorable experience: The unique format of the event and overcoming the climbing wall will leave a lasting impression.

This team building event is perfect for all types of teams – both local and those with guests from other cities or countries. It can also be adapted to different skill levels and needs.

Team event duration: from 3 hours

Maximum number of participants: 50

Price: from €30 per participant

Languages: LT/EN/RU

Personality Diversity in Your Team

Have you ever wondered why some team members boldly take initiative, while others carefully analyze every detail? Why some radiate enthusiasm, while others calmly and confidently pursue their goals?

In this unique team-building adventure, we will not only climb to new heights but also dive into the depths of personality! Using the globally recognized DiSC method, we will reveal the unique behavioral style and superpowers of each member of your team.

What awaits your team?

Discover yourself: learn your DiSC personality type and how it affects your communication, decision-making, and motivation.
Overcome challenges: Experience engaging tasks in a climbing environment that will reveal your natural behavior patterns.
Strengthen your team: Understand how different personality types can collaborate effectively and achieve the best results.
Unlock your potential: Receive individual advice on how to use your strengths for personal and team growth.
Create unforgettable memories:
Enjoy fun and meaningful time with colleagues, which will strengthen relationships and trust.

This event is not just entertainment, but also an investment in your team’s success. Discover your team’s superpowers and rise to new heights!

Team session duration: 3 – 3.5 hours

Maximum number of participants: 20

Price: from 40 euros per person

Languages: LT/EN/RU

The session uses certified Thomas International DiSC tests and is facilitated by professional climbing and business coaches.

Team climbing session

Team sessions are customized based on the specific needs of the team.

A team event may include:

  • intro and icebreaker activity;
  • warm-up;
  • safety instruction;
  • introduction to fundamental climbing techniques;
  • team-based challenges that require collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills;
  • individual self-reflection activities;
  • coffee break;
  • team photo session;
  • feedback session;
  • warm-up and reflection.

Team membership

50 days challenge:

  • introductory team session;
  • climbing readiness testing of team members;
  • setting individual and team goals;
  • 50-day access used by all members of your team;
  • results review at the end of the 50 days subscription.

Price: €500

Work and climb year

  • introductory team session;
  • 10 individual annual 24/7 memberships;
  • overview of annual results.

Price: €3500

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