About the project

Fabrique is a community of energetic, motivated and creative people. It is a space where different backgrounds meet to find a perfect life balance.

Modern climbing and training facilities, along with advice from experienced instructors, enable members to view climbing as a self-development process.

Open coworking space, non-traditional meeting rooms and community events encourage members to share, learn from each other and make better decisions.

Our mission

Our core mission is creating an enjoyable environment full of trust and support, so that you can create and achieve more.

There is no best way to do things, but there is one that is best for you. Come and find it at Fabrique.




Be yourself


Explore our memberships and programs tailored to suit your lifestyle and goals. Whether you’re aiming to improve your climbing technique or physical fitness, or enhance your work-life balance, we have a solution that aligns with your aspirations.

24/7 membership

Want to manage your time more efficiently because you are aiming for heights both at work and in sports? Become a Fabrique 24/7 member and use the climbing and open co-working space whenever you want.


An unconventional environment helps breaking the routine thinking patterns and encourages fresh viewpoints. It boosts creativity and offers you to focus on your goals. In such an environment, participants feel more relaxed and engage in the meeting more quickly.

Book our spaces for you meetings, team sessions, private events and group trainings.


Let’s meet! Our team will help you rise higher.


A living legend in the Lithuanian climbing community. An athlete, a coach and a person who will help you reveal your true potential.


An ideal mentor for beginner climbers. Nikolaj will help you choose the equipment so that you feel safe and confident when you go out on the rocks.


Polina's experience is more than 6000 cups of coffee and climbing level 7A, so you can confidently turn to her for advice or a cup of espresso for your best climb.


Tatiana's experience combines the business world with climbing and personal development. She makes sure that every member of Fabrique feels the constant growth and support of the community.


Vilius creates climbing routes that challenge and inspire. When he climbs, he infects others with his passion and creates an engaging and easygoing atmosphere.

24/7 membership

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